Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Canada Halifax Mission
Hey things are going great!! I love it here! I've never felt the spirit so strong! So yesterday we had a hard time focusing on studying and once we got to class instruction out teacher brother Balzer asked us how our day was going and Elder Frampton (he’s in my district) said that it’s been hard to focus and not think of home. So we did a Book of Mormon read we wrote down questions be had and what we were feeling. I wrote down that I was feeling like I wasn't good enough to be here serving. we read 1 Nephi 1:1-5 it says nothing about how I was feeling, but it still received my answer that I was good enough, just by those verses, it’s crazy how the spirit can guide and direct you. Our whole district was crying for pretty much the whole time, we spent 2 hours on these 5 verses. Brother Balzer said something that really hit me near the end he said "there are angels in this room" I immediately felt something warm grab my hand and tell me you are enough, in my heart I heard Grandpa Garner speak to me, he was with me last night. I then looked down at my ring and then could not stop crying. I realized another reason why I am serving a mission, because and for Grandpa. 
We learned the power of prayer and the revelation we receive from it. We did some role playing and one of us was a missionary and one of us what someone we knew who isn't a member and we asked as them. WOW! In that role play the missionary invites the investigator to pray for the first time. The spirit was incredible. Acting as the investigator and praying for the first time you are in the zone you don't break character. It’s as if you were praying for the first time. It was amazing. Well I need to write my branch president. There is a letter in the mail. I love you guys and my PD is on Saturdays in the MTC. Please make a FB page that I won't get peoples emails until next Saturday. Thanks

All my love, Sister Taylor

First Zone

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