Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sister Turner, N Sister Taylor with lil Chris
Boxing Day isn't really boxing day here its boxing day eve, no stores are open on December 26th. So we made plates of goodies and delivered them to investigators and recent converts and sister turner and I sang for them! I’m getting a lot better at singing it’s one of my talents God has blessed me with over time as I’ve searched it out and had more of a desire to perfect it! later that night we met with 2 new investigators Brian and Sherry they were true answers to our prayers, we were praying we would find a family to teach and our recent convert Matthew gave us a Referral for some good friends of theirs down the street and they are really interested and she loves family and that is her life and we talked to her a bit about the plan of salvation and eternal families and I’ve been studying that a lot this week and family is so essential to Gods plan. And you're right family is so important and there is a scripture I want to share from Alma 31:34-35
"O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ"
"behold O Lord their souls are precious and many of them are our brethren therefore give unto us, o lord power and wisdom that we may bring these our brethren again unto thee" 
God loves each and every one of his children and has a plan for each of us. We may not like the plan we are headed on, but it’s the plan we need only to become stronger and even more faithful and to grow closer to our father in heaven. God has a time and place for everything! He doesn't want to see any of his children fall, so we need to help him. 
December 27th what a great and dreadful day. The good is Chantelle Matthews daughter wants to get baptized on February 22nd. But the bad news is I had my first official homesick day. For 2 reasons. 1 my package still isn't here. And 2 we were out shoveling a less actives driveway and I lost my CTR ring in the snow. I took my gloves off because they were soaking wet and of course when it’s cold my fingers shrink and my rings don't fit as well, and I lost it for good I’m pretty sure, I’m very upset, because that ring means so much to me because it’s how I have something to remind every day of the love you have for me. I have it in my heart, but it’s nice to have that ring. But it’s just a ring and there are more important things in this world that need to be taken care of, like the work of the lord in bringing his children unto salvation. I’m really trying hard to be positive. But the work is progressing and I love it! It was so good to hear from you guys on Christmas and to see your faces. I love you all so much and I hope you had a great Christmas season. Look forward to a new year and fresh starts!! 

All my love, Sister Taylor

FYI- She finally got her package today. So very glad for her.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Christmas Time in the Harbour- Dec. 23rd, 2013


Christmas in Newfie land is nothing like I’ve ever seen. The snow is ridiculous, it snows everyday and never stops it’s just gets higher and higher! I haven't gotten your package yet but that’s ok. I have been treated up the wall with gifts and goodies and oodles of things! The people in the branch are great! We had a baptism on Saturday my first one!!! It was so amazing!! And we had zone conference as well on Friday everyone came to St. John's and President Leavitt was here with his wife. One of the assistants gave an amazing talk on becoming a consecrated missionary, it changed everything for me. I thought I was doing great and I was, but I just realized so much more that if I’m going to come home with nothing I need to give everything! 
I cried my eyes out just now reading your email. What wonderful miracles!! And the pictures you sent me it won't let me look at them, so can you just go to Wal-Mart or Costco and get them printed and just send them to me?? That would be muchly appreciated :) thanks ducky! Do I get to Skype? YES BY!!!! It may be for an hour or 30 min depending on if the wifi out here will let 2 skyping things go at once. If it does we will Skype for 1 hour if not sister turner and I are going to split half and half, and we will be skyping at 3:30pm my time so 12:00pm your time. Can you please tell Lorne and Grady?  It sounds like you guys have had an amazing week!! There is much to be grateful for especially at this time of the year. I can't wait to talk and hear from you on Wednesday!! 
I love you all to pieces!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Ps. can you post stuff on my face book page please?

If you've forgotten, I have friends on there that you don't have on your face book page. That would be marvelous!! Thank you! I’ve got to go I’ve got no time left, but I love you so much

All my love Sister Taylor 

I may or may not have broken my ankle... I'll tell you for sure on Wednesday! I'm on crutches I can't walk on it... ha ha that dang ice!!! anyway. All is well I love you!
Zone Conference

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Posted by PicasaDecember 6th, 2013- back up a week
It's gorgeous here. As I was flying in we flew over the harbour, WOW!!. The water hitting the banks and all the boats, its beautiful. I can't believe I'm here. It doesn't feel real. I'm not going to lie, I thought NL had no civilization, but its actually quite big. They have stores, really cute houses, and a university...crazy eh? Also the houses are all different colors, and they are square in shape.
They are just so cute!!! :) My Companion's name is Sister Turner, she is from Calgary. Her parents are Ann and Dave Turner. 80% of the Canadian missionaries here are from Alberta. I was looking at all the missionaries on the big board at Pres. Leavitt's home and I knew 11 of them. Sis. Turner is great, we have lots in common, she played basketball for Sir Winston Churchill in Calgary and then played a year at Salt Lake Community College. We both graduated in 2012, she is also 19 and has only been out for 3 months. She's been a great trainer.
I love it here. I got to know the branch this week, it has about 70 people come out. In all of Newfoundland baptisms are booming, we are teaching lots. We had a baptism today, it was a 9 year old boy, it was very cool and interesting. Newfy's are very loud..... that is all I'll say about that and they talk crazy. Talk I can hardly understand, but it's great and I love it so much. I miss you guys and it was great to talk to you at the airport.

Merry Christmas and I love you tons.
Sister Taylor

Here are some more pictures from the MTC
My MTC Branch

My MTC Zone
Brother Balzar, one of my instructors, and me and Sister Jarvis

My boys in my District at the MTC

December 12th, 2013 Week Two
Dear Mom and Dad;
Stop it your making me cry! Ha-ha that’s so awesome! I’m so happy for them! I want pictures. I want LOTS of pictures!!! So in my journal my book mark is the picture of me and you at my 2nd birthday!! I think about you all the time, well not all the time, ha-ha I tell stories about you all the time and how amazing you are and how much I just love you!!! And I talk about mom to!! And how strong and funny and beautiful she is! I just love you guys so much!! But I still haven't gotten homesick, which is such a blessing because I was so worried about that. 
This is just the beginning
It’s up to my waist in some areas! We spent 2 hours this morning shoveling out our driveway and our neighbors. The snow out here is wet and heavy and as its coming down its windy so it drifts its brutal ha-ha, but its fun! I enjoy it! Its reminds me of home!! On Tuesday we got a new investigator Sandra she has 2 teenage boys and has a lot of questions about religion and god we had our first lesson with her in her front entry because apparently her house was a mess ha-ha the lord has definitely blessed us with being busy and having people to teach! I love it because I like to stay busy that way I’m not thinking about home which is great! I love it! I honestly can't get over how weird, crazy, and different Newfoundland is. 
so on Wednesday we witnessed 2 miracles the first one our investigator Matthew who is getting baptized on Saturday his daughter got in a serious car accident and before professed that she didn't believe in God, but during the accident she felt his presence and has now been taking the lessons with us, it was an awful things that happened, but the lord has prepared another one for us! She’s also coming to his baptism and before she wasn't going to. So it’s been a miracle!! our other one we were back in our apartment and we were a few minutes early so I told sister turner I feel we need to go knock on a few doors around us, so we did and the 2nd house we knocked on this lady rosemary answered and we told her who we were and she asked if we could come back after Christmas and teach her about the restored gospel and answer some questions she has. What a cool experience!!! Another miracle! The Lord truly does prepare people for us! The next day ha-ha I was on fire I was giving everyone a card and just talking to everyone I saw. so in stores we aren't allowed to talk to people about religion, its policy, but we do anyways just secretly ha-ha its not against the mission) and Thursday night we were STARVING we hadn't eaten all day because we had been so busy so on our way home sister turner asked where do you want to eat. I told her at home but let’s stop at Wal-Mart first I want chocolate (of course) so we go there and then I all the sudden say EGG NOG lets go see if they have some so we do and as I’m walking down the isle I get the impression to talk to a lady her name is Debra and I tell her who we are and little about what we do and I asked her if she would like to hear the message we have to share she says sure and pulls her cart over and folds her arm, and I’m like oh crap ha-ha she wants it now so I start talking and sister turner was just like we normally come to people’s houses and share the message with them there and she was like oh ok yeah sure great!!! So we are going to go see her tomorrow! Ha-ha it was funny but great!!! 
The members are so amazing here they are strong missionary members they help us out a ton!! I just LOVE IT!!! well time is cutting short they really don't give us enough time, but that’s okay I’m sending home a letter and Christmas card for everyone hopefully it will be there in time for Christmas, but probably not ha-ha oh well love you lots!!

10 December 2013

 This is a quarterly letter that President Leavitt sends out to all the parents of the missionaries in his mission.

Dear Brother & Sister Taylor:

As the year draws to a close, it is natural for us to look back on the year and reflect. In doing so, I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I have the absolute privilege of working with the finest young people the world has to offer. I love the missionaries who serve here. They are bright, hard-working, obedient, and faithful.  Like us, they all have their moments, but generally things are great.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards you, their parents. I realize I am the beneficiary of your hard work, your prayers, and your patience in bringing them to the point where they are ready to serve the Lord. As I have mentioned in my previous letter, it truly does take a village to raise a child or produce a faithful missionary. Thank you for doing your part; I am trying to do mine.

At present, we have 133 missionaries (up from 78 eighteen months ago) serving in the mission (69 elders, 34 sisters, and 30 seniors). The complement of sisters is increasing every transfer, and we will be around 46 by early 2014.  In most of the units, we have 2 elders and 2 sisters, and many also have a set of senior missionaries. This is proving to be a very good arrangement for moving the work forward and helping to establishing the church in these units.

We have been blessed to have enough vehicles so that most of our missionaries will be able to drive during the winter. Come springtime, we will again be making significant use of bicycles. The bicycles do a much better job of exposing the missionaries to the public and promoting the name of the church, not to mention that they are significantly less costly to purchase and maintain.

As I previously indicated, we have a traveling concert series made up of our musically talented missionaries under the direction of Elder Call, formerly the head of the Music Department at BYU-Idaho. In the last eight months, we have performed in thirteen concerts and the same number of missionary firesides. In total, they have performed before a combined audience of over 5,000 people, and in partnership with local charities, such as the Food Banks and the Children’s Hospital, have raised over $6,000. This is in addition to the wonderful support and strength they are to the local units and all who are involved with them.  Missionaries who do not participate musically are very much involved in inviting people and promoting the events. The concerts have had hundreds of non-members in attendance. We would estimate that out of the 5,000 who have attended, about 40% would be non-members. The concerts always end with the hymn "How Great Thou Art" along with a spiritual message and invitation for people to meet with the missionaries. Our next concert series is a family concert, and it will be followed by the BYU-Idaho Chamber Orchestra that will be touring our mission in April of 2014.

The church generally, and our mission in particular, is now starting to use social media to help the missionaries find people to teach. While there are privacy concerns in Canada that will hold back the full implementation of some online missionary tools, such as area books and daily planners, we will be beginning to use such things as FaceBook, iPad mini’s, and email to assist in the work.

Some parents unfamiliar with the weather in Atlantic Canada are concerned about their missionaries freezing. Our weather is more difficult than California, Arizona, Tahiti, Australia, and Guadeloupe (we have missionaries from each of those areas), but generally is not that bad. The cold weather comes and goes, and if the missionaries are careful and dress sensibly, they do fine. Having lived in Alberta and Saskatchewan myself, I feel the missionaries from those areas feel weather conditions have improved significantly. This last week it was +10 C in Halifax while it was -28 C and -38 C with the wind chill in Calgary. It's all relative, as it was 28 in Tahiti.

With the increasing size of our missionary force, training is always a big task. We have improved our orientation approach for new missionaries and have developed an improved method of using Preach My Gospel to enhance learning. We call it “Back to Basics,” and it does just that - refocuses our efforts on the very basics of missionary work - getting up on time, studying effectively, working hard, and being obedient.

I interview the missionaries once every six weeks, one time in person at their apartment and one time via Skype. The in-person visits are always fun, as I look in their closets, under their beds, and in their fridges. Last time I took pictures of every apartment, and we are going to have a DVD presentation at our Christmas Zone Conferences set to the tune of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” The vast majority of the apartments were excellent, and there were only a few that had some issues. The senior missionaries do a complete inspection of all apartments and vehicles each transfer, so my visit is more lighthearted and lets them know I am interested.  I feel interviewing the missionaries at the church when they are all dressed up in suits and dresses with their hair combed doesn't always really give the true picture. Meeting them in their apartments where they study and live gives a much better perspective and gives a better opportunity to teach and encourage.

Our missionaries are generally very healthy. They are very engaged in daily exercise, as we religiously follow a program called “5BX” that was developed by the Canadian Air Force. It takes 11 minutes every day and produces great results. Partly due to that and partly due to factors I don't really understand, our mission has become a weigh-losing mission for the elders. Many of our elders have lost over 40 pounds on their mission, some as high as 70 pounds. At each Zone Conference, we have two of the elders dress in their gym clothes and demonstrate the level of fitness they have achieved on the program. It’s always a fun time for everyone. The sisters are equally involved in the fitness program, but to preserve their dignity, we don't require them to participate in the demonstration.

The work is going forward.  The missionaries are teaching people, many of whom are joining the church, and many less-active members are being brought back into activity. The missionaries are loved and respected by the members and leaders, and we feel very fortunate with our circumstances.

A number of you wrote to inquire if your missionary was going to be transferred and how you could get their Christmas packages to them. It is just not possible to let you know weeks in advance about where missionaries will be. The final decision about transfers is made shortly before they are announced. If packages were sent to the wrong address, we will endeavor to have them redirected as part of our regular visits, meetings, and exchanges.

Sister Leavitt and I love the missionaries, both older and younger, and I am sure they know that. I love hearing from you from time to time, and I don't want you to think you are a bother. You are always so kind and concerned about taking my time. It takes very little time to respond to your emails, and I firmly believe the best result is achieved as we work together to lead and teach these wonderful young people.

Again, thank you for your significant sacrifices to allow your missionaries to serve. It is a great time to be involved in the Work of Salvation.

Warmest personal regards,





Brian D. Leavitt

Mission President

Canada Halifax Mission
December 9th, 2013
HEY!!!! GUESS WHERE I AM???? ST.JOHNS NEWFOUNDLAND!!!!!! It is so cool out here I still have to keep reminding myself that I’m still in Canada though ha-ha. Also they call Newfoundland the main land of I don't think so, but that ok. I’m sending home pictures from the mtc and Newfoundland. So Christmas here is crazy!!! They are so traditional and love their decorations. It’s so awesome!!! So we have a baptism coming up his name is Matthew and his wife is a less active it’s been cool to teach them. He’s getting baptized on the 21st I can't wait! Also can't believe Carley and Grady are getting married this Saturday that went by so fast I hope all goes well!! I’m very happy for them. so it’s cold out here when its 3 degrees it feels like -10 but my coat it great the only part that freezes is my face and legs (has Brenton finished my scarf and headband?) I need them! I NEED THERMAL TIGHTS!!!! Ha-ha I went to Wal-Mart to buy some they have NONE! All sold out. So my first night here was pretty sweet! we went to contact a referral but she wasn't home and I all the sudden got a feeling to go to this random house across the street had no lights on nothing but I told sister turner (my companion she’s from Calgary) that we need to go knock on that door, so we did and sure enough a lady probably in her late 20s answered the door I told her who we were why we were there and we made a return appointment and sure enough when we go back she wasn't there ha-ha, but we will keep trying and it was still a very cool experience! I had another experience like that last night and also made a return appointment. This is great! we also have 2 new investigators tom and Claudia they are and elderly couple and they don't get why god doesn't just have one church on the earth (trust me we tried to tell her that he does ha-ha) but we are going back Wednesday and can't wait to teach them again! It was so good to hear from you guys on Tuesday I loved it!!! so because we are 31/2 hours ahead of you out here in St. Johns we get to watch the devotionals at 9:30 at night so we didn't get to bed until 11:30 last night good thing its PDay it was very good though I love elder Russell m nelson so good to hear from him twice in 2 weeks!! Saturday morning we drove out to Bay Roberts it’s about an hour from St. Johns for a Christmas parade that we were in. guess who was Mary?
Elder Jensen, Elder Hawkes, Elder Campbell, Elder Edmund, Me and Sister Turner
Elder Jensen and Me
Me ha-ha I sent a picture! It’s pretty cute! You know how everyone says the people are so nice out here??? Well they were wrong THEY ARE SO RUDE!! We went knocking last night out of 30 houses we got 8 doors slammed in our faces. Every time I just couldn't help but laugh ha-ha. everyone else is just so stuck in their ways ha-ha so one house we go to and by this point I’m like ok this one’s going to be good I feel it the house is covered in Christmas decor and there's a huge nativity on the lawn so I’m thinking oh great this guy must love Jesus this will be great! (the lord definitely has a sense of humor) so I knock and this guy opens the door and I ask him how he’s doing and then tell him we are missionaries then asked him if he’s ever heard of them he said yes but I’m atheist, before I could even stop myself I asked him so if you don't believe in god why is he on your front lawn? SLAM! Yup. Ha-ha but seriously if you don't believe in god why are you celebrating his birth?? I don't get it. Sister Turner just busted out laughing! It was funny.  Also another funny story: we are at the parade and this guy comes up to talk to us and I noticed he had all his teeth and that they looked really nice. I lean over to Elder Jensen playing Joseph and I said "I think that’s the first person I’ve seen with all his teeth" elder Jensen said "those are dentures"... me, "oh" ok alright ha-ha he then says to me yeah they either have dentures or they are missing most of their teeth. It’s SO TRUE!! Not one person out here has all their teeth and turns out that’s why they talk so funny. So I now have realized that if I’m going to come home talking like them I need to pop out a few of my teeth... NOT! I have never appreciated my teeth so much in my life before! Ha-ha let me guess you're thinking "bout time" ha-ha it’s great out here, but I could never picture myself living here EVER AGAIN! Maybe just a visit for like a day. The people just crack me up. Oh so Newfoundland has a crazy tradition Mummering (look it up on YouTube or something) it’s crazy!! You see them walking around its actually quite creepy ha-ha. 
Well I think that’s about it. I wrote you another letter with pictures and captions on the back of them, I also wrote Lorne and Brittany a letter and I bought Karalynn a birthday card can you please get it to her?? Thanks! 
All my love, Sister Taylor!
The Christmas Parade

Nativity Display in Bay Roberts or a (Kresch

Conception Bay South

Bay Roberts Harbour
St. John's shoreline

When Mummering, people dress up in colourful garb so they're completely disguised, and go from house to house to party and celebrate the Christmas season.
Mummering was once widespread in the province. According to the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage website, it's an old Christmas custom from England in the Middle Ages.
Although it is unclear precisely when this tradition was brought to Newfoundland by the English, the earliest record dates back to 1819. It died out in the 19th century after a ban on the practice in St. John’s, but was modestly revived in the mid ’80s by the folk band Simani, with “The Mummers Song”.
Now it persists mostly as a parade that runs through St. John's at Christmastime.
My grandmother, Emily Carter, is 75 now, but she went Mummering a lot when she was 15 or 16.
“We’d dress up in old clothes, and have a mask on, sometimes we’d have a guitar, or an old accordion,” she said. “We’d knock on the door and say ‘any mummers allowed in?’”
The disguised partygoers would then eat, drink, and dance – all the while the homeowner would try to figure out who his guests really were.

November 30th, 2013
Fly out of salt lake at 8:46 to go to Minneapolis then we fly to Toronto and we will be arriving there around 4:23pm and I’ll be calling home, so make sure you or someone is there!! We then fly from Toronto to Halifax and will be arriving there around9:23pm I’m so excited!! My stay at the MTC has gone by so fast!!! I wrote dad a longer email but I thought I’d send you a quick one just in case dad doesn't check it! Any ways I need to write my branch president I’ll ttyl love you!!!

All my love, Sister Taylor!

President Brian Leavitt's first note to us on December 3rd.
I am the mission president in the Canada Halifax Mission. We are anticipating the arrival of your daughters this evening at about 9:30 our time. We will pick them up at the airport, bring them back to the mission home, feed them and let them get to bed after a long day of traveling. 

We will take their group picture at the airport and send it to you tonight if all works out right. They will be orientated tomorrow, given some real missionary experience in the evening and be in their new areas on Thursday. 

Each one has a very solid companion, specifically chosen for them. 

The weather is not too bad, very little snow and not too cold. 

Thank you for your sacrifices making their service possible. We love them already and haven't even met them in person yet.

Best Regards

Brian Leavitt
Canada Halifax Mission

At the Halifax International Airport

Wonderful Sisters with President Leavitt

They have now been fed and are off to bed. I have attached a couple of pictures. One in the airport and one at the mission home.

Best Regards

Brian Leavitt
Canada Halifax Mission
Another MTC Letter

Mom and Dad
What a miracle, we are so blessed that that money just magically appeared. I have witnessed many miracles while being here, it is so incredible. Today is Thanksgiving, WORST FOOD EVER!!.  but guess who was here to speak to us at our devotional? Russell M. Nelson. It was so good. He talked about missionary work.. obviously... and really just what to do when you get our in the field. It was crazy when he walked in the spirit just hit me, it was so strong. I couldn't help but cry. As he came in we were singing and continued to sing and stand, it was amazing. So powerful!
It's crazy to think I go out into the field on Tuesday morning. I'm not ready, I don't feel prepared enough, but I do at the same time.
I've had a few hard days, but they got better and I learned from them. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways I don't feel I deserve.
We had an investigator tat the MTC gets to pretend to not be a member so we can get practice. Sister Jarvis and I bombed it, but we learned and the Lord blessed us. Our investigator then didn't show up for the next two days, that sucked because we had a plan and answers to her questions, but oh well.
I've learned so much here about the gospel in 1 week than I have my entire life. Well I've got to go, we don't get much time to write letters. I hope all is well, I look forward to hearing from you.

I love you forever and always
Sister Taylor
The back of this picture says that this bed has "bed bugs". Hope they fixed that.
Sister Jarvis and Sister Taylor having a Kodak moment

Sister Taylor, Training Leader- Sister Breen, and Sister Jarvis

The District, minus one. Elder Davis went home, very sad for all of them.

The Provo Utah Temple

Canada Halifax Mission
Hey things are going great!! I love it here! I've never felt the spirit so strong! So yesterday we had a hard time focusing on studying and once we got to class instruction out teacher brother Balzer asked us how our day was going and Elder Frampton (he’s in my district) said that it’s been hard to focus and not think of home. So we did a Book of Mormon read we wrote down questions be had and what we were feeling. I wrote down that I was feeling like I wasn't good enough to be here serving. we read 1 Nephi 1:1-5 it says nothing about how I was feeling, but it still received my answer that I was good enough, just by those verses, it’s crazy how the spirit can guide and direct you. Our whole district was crying for pretty much the whole time, we spent 2 hours on these 5 verses. Brother Balzer said something that really hit me near the end he said "there are angels in this room" I immediately felt something warm grab my hand and tell me you are enough, in my heart I heard Grandpa Garner speak to me, he was with me last night. I then looked down at my ring and then could not stop crying. I realized another reason why I am serving a mission, because and for Grandpa. 
We learned the power of prayer and the revelation we receive from it. We did some role playing and one of us was a missionary and one of us what someone we knew who isn't a member and we asked as them. WOW! In that role play the missionary invites the investigator to pray for the first time. The spirit was incredible. Acting as the investigator and praying for the first time you are in the zone you don't break character. It’s as if you were praying for the first time. It was amazing. Well I need to write my branch president. There is a letter in the mail. I love you guys and my PD is on Saturdays in the MTC. Please make a FB page that I won't get peoples emails until next Saturday. Thanks

All my love, Sister Taylor

First Zone

Jaime's first MTC letter;
Name Tag
Such a happy girl

Mom & Dad
I LOVE IT HERE!!! It's like a college for missionaries. I am so tired but so awake to the teachings and doctrine of Christ. I've been here two days and my testimony has already grown, and my knowledge of the Gospel has increased.
Truth be told the food is not as good as everyone says it is. It's actually gross, it reminds me of EFY, but I'm eating it anyways.
So guess who my companion is..... Sister Emily Jarvis, crazy eh?
Jaime and her companion Sister Emily Jarvis from Missouri
We are the only sisters heading to Halifax on Dec. 3rd. Also 800 missionaries entered the Provo MTC on Wednesday, Nov. 20th. When we got here we didn't get time to rest or unpack, we immediately jumped right into training. We, (no joke) got 20 minutes to unpack and get ready for bed, say our prayers, read our scriptures, etc. I'm still not fully unpacked, but o well I leave here in 10 days. I can't even express how amazing it is here, I love the people, I love my district, I feel so blessed, and I am blessed and will continue to be blessed. Days are crazy and hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the Lord and his Gospel.
So we had a touching moment today, we had an Elder in our District who was struggling and chose to go home. We didn't want him to go, but he said he needed to and so he went home. We then said a prayer as a District and we all cried. The love we have for him is beyond any one of us knew we could have. My District is amazing:
The District- Only Sister Taylor and Sister Jarvis are going to Halifax, all the boys are going to Spokane Washington.
Elder Frampton- from Utah
Elder Craig - from Utah
Elder Griffiths- from Arizona
Elder Larson- from Utah
Sister Jarvis- from Missouri
Mostly everyone is from Utah here and I had to be reminded that I am an International Missionary HAHA. So we met our Branch tonight and all of us were given a calling. Elder Frampton is Zone Leader (in training), Elder Craig, Zone Leader (in training), Elder Larson, District Leader, Elder Griffiths- Tech man ( not sure what that means), Sister Jarvis- Music Conductor, and me Sister Taylor- Senior Companion. I love it, our District has such a strong spirit, the walls and ceiling were literally dripping from the spirit today. INCREDIBLE. One blessing I have received is that I haven't been homesick yet, but soon I'm sure it will hit me :)  Anyways I love you all. Hope all is well.
All My Love - Sister Taylor

Monday, December 9, 2013

November 19th, 2013
Had some last minute running around to do, like getting US money for airport and MTC cash. $250.00 US I'm sure was plenty. Then we had to go to Surex Insurance and get a driver's abstract so she can drive. Then off to Wink's to say goodbye to Mrs. Lee and Mr. (I can't remember his name), but I recently learned from Mrs. Lee that in Korea the women does not change her name, so her last name is not the same as his. We are a big fan of the sub's and Jaime just loves their pizza subs. When she went in there they gave her all sorts of treats for the trip, pop, cheezies, Big Turks, Swedish Berries, and some other stuff. They are great people and really love the youth of this community. Mrs. Lee said as Jaime was leaving that she would see her in 18 months and not before. Awesome!!
At 3:00 pm we left for the church to meet the Stake President so he could set Jaime apart. Gramma and Grampa met us there, and Kevin met us there coming from work in Lethbridge. It was a wonderful meeting and the blessing that President McMahon gave her was so special. When he spoke those words, "I set you apart to be a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", my heart just melted.
It was a very special time.
Grandma and Grandpa Taylor came with us on our trip to Great Falls, we took their van so we could all fit. It was wonderful to have them along. They are a riot to travel with. When we got to the border, she rolled down her window and I had to open the back sliding door. Grandma gave the customs officer all of our passports then proceeded to roll her window back up. The Customs Officer quickly told her to roll it back down as she had to be able to see all of our faces. Gramma said, "well it's cold", and she then began to wrap up her face. I was trying not to laugh, and I think it was so cold that the officer didn't make an issue of it. I gave the officer all of Jaime's necessary papers, and surprising to me we didn't even have to get out of the car. Less than 3 minutes at the border and we were off.
First stop; JC Penny's, Cut Bank, MT, Gramma needed to use the bathroom. So we get there and we all get out. Really?, for a bathroom stop. Well Grampa had other ideas, he was going to browse while Gramma and I used the biffy. In the time that it took for us to use the bathroom, Grampa bought a big bag of shirts and ties. All .97 cents or something like that. I made the comment that we would be returning most of them on the way back through the next day. Grampa's amazing that way. I wish sometimes I could shop like that.
May I just say that riding in the back of a van is interesting, you feel every sway or sudden jerk, and it's very noticeable. When we got to Great Falls we went to The Golden Corral. Lots of food and good conversation. We then headed to our hotel, and it wasn't long before Jaime was fast asleep. We had to get up early because Jaime's flight left at 6:15 in the morning, but the wonderful thing about Great Falls is that you only have to be there an hour early, even for International flights. Shortly after we got up at 4:30 am there was a little knock at the door and it was Sister Erica McMahon, she was also leaving that morning from Great Falls, she will be serving in McAllen, Texas, but she is entering the MTC in Mexico City. Her flight left 45 minutes after Jaime's. She said that she was lying there waiting to hear noise from our room so she could come over and say hi. Hermana McMahon and Sister Taylor had a wonderful visit for a few minutes before we had to leave. The Great Falls Airport is so easy, it was wonderful. No hassles, very small line up, and we got to see Jaime go through security.

Bye my baby girl see you in 18 months
Finally getting Jaime's blog up and running, not too sure what I am doing but here goes. This was Monday, the 18th of November. Packing day. It was so wonderful for Jasmine, Brooklyn, and Kennedy to come over and keep Jaime company as she was packing. Actually it was a blessing the Brooklyn came over cause she showed all of us how to pack with the clothes on the hangers. I had done something like that before but couldn't remember. Brooklyn was taught by some Sister Missionaries up in Edmonton. Both Jasmine and Brooklyn are also getting ready to leave for the mission field right away. Jasmine is going to Mexico City Southeast, and reports on December 10th, and Brooklyn is going to Chicago Illinois, and reports December 4th. Kennedy has a boyfriend and due to a car accident has to wait for a year, but she had her papers started. We pray that Kennedy will be able to heal and continue on with her aspirations. It was a fun afternoon laughing, and eating and of course packing.