Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Monday, August 18, 2014


Sounds like you have had a great time at the reunion! I look forward to the next one! Sister Wilkinson and I are GREAT! We have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the rest of the transfer together. Wonderful things are happening here. we just had a baptism on the 9th and we have one planned for the 30 of August. We also got a new investigator yesterday. We were driving to make contact with a potential investigator and when I was parking Sister Wilkinson was backing me up and when she got back in to say a prayer her skirt was stuck in the door and this guy came running to tell her. When we got out to go try to meet with the potential investigator the thought came to us to go talk to this guy who had just helped us. We ended up teaching him there on the park bench. he is a very deep thinker and believes things happen for a reason. he's been having a hard time and is trying to find his purpose in life.....HOW GREAT IT THAT??? People are prepared all we have to do is listen to the spirit and open our mouths. We are seeing him again on Wednesday. This week we also met this Chinese family who just moved here 3 months ago, THE CHINESE ARE PREPARED!!! they have no belief in God, but they want one. just the language barrier is the problem. We gave them a church tour and it was so hard, but really cool at the same time. you really have to teach simply using little words, it was hard but very fun at the same time. We gave them a Chinese Book of Mormon and pamphlets and so they are going to pretty much convert on their own. they said when they learn more English they will call us. So we are going to start an English class and he said he would come and bring his other Chinese friends! Get ready for a Chinese branch here in Saint John!!!! I love it here and I love working with someone who knows why they are here! Great things are happening! i love it! 

Other than that nothing really else is happening! we had a great week! and we get fed here! we have like 3 a week!!!! its great! my district is great! Elder Tusa is in it again. and Elder Edmond!!! I LOVE IT! 
i love you all and i hope you have a great week! 
All my love Sister Taylor!

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm moving to Saint Johns New Brunswick, my new companion is Sister Wilkinson and I am a Sister Training Leader. Last p-day was fabulous! We had so much fun walking on the bottom of the Bay of Fundy and watching the tide come in! it was so cool! then we ate at this diner and i had fried clams! it was pretty good. talk about not being a picky although i still kind of am. i'm sad to be leaving Truro looking back on the last 3 months a lot of progress has been made! i feel like i have accomplished my goal, leaving the place better than i found it! you have no idea how happy it makes me to see your email every week. the one and only email :) I love you! i'm happy to hear that dad and my brothers had a blast on their trip! i'm glad they got to spend time together! so last week i told you that i wanted to share something with you. How grateful i am for my seminary scriptures I've learned so much from them already! and thank you for the package! i loved it! so i was looking through all my stick ins that Brother Blackwell gave us in seminary and i came across this one it was stuck in Alma 36 it says 
Many times the bishop will write: "i feel he has suffered enough!" But suffering is not repentance. Suffering comes from a lack of complete repentance. A Stake president will write: "i feel he has been punished enough!" But punishment is not repentance. Punishment follows disobedience and precedes repentance. A husband will write: " My wife has confessed everything!" Confession is not repentance. confession is an admission of guilt that occurs as repentance begins. A wife will write: "my husband is filled with remorse!" But remorse is not repentance. Remorse and sorrow continue because a person has not yet fully repented. But if suffering, punishment, confession, remorse and sorrow are not repentance, what is repentance? i then went on to read Alma 36 and in verses 16-20 ( i don't want to type it out so go read it) That there is what true repentance is! how grateful i am for the power of prayer and the atonement of Jesus Christ! so that i can truly repent of my sins and not feel the pain anymore. This week i also learned that upon every principle of the gospel it all comes down to obedience. and i thought of the 10 virgins and how 5 of them knew how important it was to be prepared to be obedient (tithing, temple recommend, prayer, scripture study etc.) and when the lord came they were worthy they did not procrastinate the day of their repentance, but those who did and were not worthy, the fence sitters were not accepted into the lords presence and missed their opportunity to be with him forever. it is so important that we are obedient that we do as we are commanded. its not God taking away our agency, its us choosing to follow him knowing that the commandments are given to us for our benefit so that we may have a happy life. we can't think that if we walk 2 steps behind God that we will be saved, we must walk with God. we can't think "oh i'll repent later, NO we must repent NOW! we must prepare ourselves NOW! i love this gospel and the freedom it gives me. I've never been so happy! and how happy i am to be sharing this with others!
A lot of changes have happened here in the mission we have 19 new missionaries coming and 16 going home. next transfer we have 17 new missionaries coming and a bunch more going home. even the assistants are training. its amazing to see so many great people make the sacrifices they have to be here today. they are inspiring! i'm grateful i get to be apart of it! This church is true! 
I've had a hard time in Truro, but i've loved every minute of it! i've learned so much. i'm excited to go on and to learn more and be able to share the joy and things i've learned with other missionaries! and people i love! 
All my love Sister Taylor XOXO 

 Bay of Fundy