Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Posted by PicasaDecember 6th, 2013- back up a week
It's gorgeous here. As I was flying in we flew over the harbour, WOW!!. The water hitting the banks and all the boats, its beautiful. I can't believe I'm here. It doesn't feel real. I'm not going to lie, I thought NL had no civilization, but its actually quite big. They have stores, really cute houses, and a university...crazy eh? Also the houses are all different colors, and they are square in shape.
They are just so cute!!! :) My Companion's name is Sister Turner, she is from Calgary. Her parents are Ann and Dave Turner. 80% of the Canadian missionaries here are from Alberta. I was looking at all the missionaries on the big board at Pres. Leavitt's home and I knew 11 of them. Sis. Turner is great, we have lots in common, she played basketball for Sir Winston Churchill in Calgary and then played a year at Salt Lake Community College. We both graduated in 2012, she is also 19 and has only been out for 3 months. She's been a great trainer.
I love it here. I got to know the branch this week, it has about 70 people come out. In all of Newfoundland baptisms are booming, we are teaching lots. We had a baptism today, it was a 9 year old boy, it was very cool and interesting. Newfy's are very loud..... that is all I'll say about that and they talk crazy. Talk I can hardly understand, but it's great and I love it so much. I miss you guys and it was great to talk to you at the airport.

Merry Christmas and I love you tons.
Sister Taylor

Here are some more pictures from the MTC
My MTC Branch

My MTC Zone
Brother Balzar, one of my instructors, and me and Sister Jarvis

My boys in my District at the MTC

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