Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another MTC Letter

Mom and Dad
What a miracle, we are so blessed that that money just magically appeared. I have witnessed many miracles while being here, it is so incredible. Today is Thanksgiving, WORST FOOD EVER!!.  but guess who was here to speak to us at our devotional? Russell M. Nelson. It was so good. He talked about missionary work.. obviously... and really just what to do when you get our in the field. It was crazy when he walked in the spirit just hit me, it was so strong. I couldn't help but cry. As he came in we were singing and continued to sing and stand, it was amazing. So powerful!
It's crazy to think I go out into the field on Tuesday morning. I'm not ready, I don't feel prepared enough, but I do at the same time.
I've had a few hard days, but they got better and I learned from them. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways I don't feel I deserve.
We had an investigator tat the MTC gets to pretend to not be a member so we can get practice. Sister Jarvis and I bombed it, but we learned and the Lord blessed us. Our investigator then didn't show up for the next two days, that sucked because we had a plan and answers to her questions, but oh well.
I've learned so much here about the gospel in 1 week than I have my entire life. Well I've got to go, we don't get much time to write letters. I hope all is well, I look forward to hearing from you.

I love you forever and always
Sister Taylor
The back of this picture says that this bed has "bed bugs". Hope they fixed that.
Sister Jarvis and Sister Taylor having a Kodak moment

Sister Taylor, Training Leader- Sister Breen, and Sister Jarvis

The District, minus one. Elder Davis went home, very sad for all of them.

The Provo Utah Temple

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