Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tis The Season

So this week has been an adventure. sister Jarvis was sick most of the week so we spent a lot of time in the apartment. we had lots of opportunities this week to help members decorate their houses for Christmas. one of our investigators Tammy who is an excommunicated member has us over for a lesson we decorated then we had lunch then we put her on date for December 23rd. how exciting!!! she is great! she is so ready to be baptized. when we go over to teach her she teaches us. it will be good for her to do this. its sad though because she was waiting for her husband to get baptized as well, but this week he said, "i'm not getting baptized," so she said well then i'm not waiting for you. and so here we are preparing for a baptism! the ward is very excited for her! 
we had a dinner appointment with some members in Liverpool which is about 40 minutes away. it was so neat they have a son who is handicap and they got him a patriarchal blessing and it said that he is the way he is because he helped escort Satan out of the heaven. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!! god knew that if he came to earth and was like the rest of us that Satan would torment him up the wall so he is the way he is for a reason, it just makes me wonder about all the others who are handi-cap. 
later on in the week we had another dinner appointment with some other members in Liverpool and after they took us to the towns tree lighting and festivities. they do a candle walk across this bridge and then youth from the Micmac community canoe across the river singing and chanting then they light a bonfire and they have hot chocolate and cookies and a children's choir. it was so fun we also got out picture taken with an guy who served in the civil war or something like that. it was really cool. 
on Saturday we had a church tour with our investigator Kate, she loved it and she felt the spirit really strong. she didn't come to church this Sunday though, but she said she will comenext Sunday. which will be really good for her. it will help her to progress more towards baptism on January 17th.
we also has another dinner appointment with the Frelicks and the whole time they were trying to set me up with their son who is 30......awkward. And bro frelick showed me his old fashioned car and i got to sit in it and he's going to take me and sister jarvis for a ride. 
things are going great we are getting ready for the live nativity in december and we are having a christmas concert and i'm singing in it we are doing a bunch of different pieces. we are pretty excited and we have christmas zone conference coming up this week i'm pretty excited! 
well that's all that has happened this week. i love you! 
All my love, Sister Taylor 
 Ugly Sweater making
 Liverpool Town lighting festivities
Great old car

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