Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Monday, October 20, 2014

Love St. John.

It saddens me to hear that Donna has passed away. She played a huge part in my life. Always having her there just across the street I really looked up to her and still do! That also means she won't be able to make my wedding dress when I get married. Sad. But today I told Grady that I wasn't going to get married for a long time. So maybe by then you'll know how to make a wedding dress haha, just kidding, about the dress. You bet your bottom dollar, we will paint our toes and watch Gilmore Girls and eat pizza, or winks subs :) I also am excited to go camping and Magrath days and just having fun!!!! I really don't want to work during the summer, mainly because I don't know where to work and still be able to do everything I want to. haha but it will all work out! I mainly just want to be with my family. Grady is amazing!!! he makes me want to play college ball. 
So this week was busy and long, but its a new week. Thanksgiving was great we got fed really well. the members are great here. we spent a lot of time driving this week, doing exchanges and training the sisters. we drove half way to st. stephen twice, started driving to fredericton about 45 min on the road sister burton forgot her passport haha, so we turned around drove back to saint john then drove back to fredericton then sister starkie and i drove back to saint stephen didn't get home till 11 then the next night drove back to fredericton and then home again. it was long, but fun but good because i needed the exchanges. our investigators are doing really well we have 3 Aimee, Carolyn, and Heather. they are all younger heather is a mom of 3 girls and Aimee and carolyn are both 21. Aimee is on date for november 29th. they are all progressing really well. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE SAINT JOHN!!!! i could live here i love it that much. 2 more weeks till transfers. stake conference is coming up we go to Fredericton for that. and also we have mission leadership next week in Moncton, so there is more driving in store for me. i don't really know what else to talk about. i'm happy! i love the work. i'm grateful to be here! Christmas is in 2 1/5 months thats exciting!!! its starting to get VERY COLD HERE! i'm freezing my butt off!!!! but Saint John doesn't get snow like the rest of the east coast they get a lot of rain and ice. should be fun!!! good thing i have rubber boots now!! best purchase ever!!! well that is all! i'm going to go have a nap.
love you long time!!! XOXO
Sister Taylor  

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