Best Flag EVER

Best Flag EVER

Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Great Week

Its been a great week! we had the baptism for Desiree Campbell on saturday! it was a success! the spirit was so strong! So funny story our ward here does have corn boils... we have one today. its out in Hampton which is about 15 minutes away. 
DAD YOU GOT NOMINATED TO DO THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE????? YOU NEED TO POST THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK SO I CAN SEE IT! i saw the one of grady! he took it like a champ. a member here nominated sister wilkinson and I and the day before we got a text from our mission president saying that no missionaries are aloud to do it. Sad. but it helps us stay dignified in our calling. Saint John is still wonderful we will be out of our area for 3 days this week we are going to Houlton and Presque isle Maine for visits with the sisters and then coming back in to canada who visits with the St. Stephen sisters. it will we a long but great week. a lot of driving is in store for me. Sister Wilkinson lost her liscence in newfoundland so she can't drive. and we have no GPS. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! we are excited. i'm also excited to go to the states where things are a lot cheaper. This week i went to Fredericton on exchanges with the sister there. i got to spend the day with a wonderful sister weaver she goes home in november. we had a lot of fun! Fredericton was a very cool place, not as cool as Saint John though.  :) well its been an hour sorry my email is so short it will be longer next week. i always email president first and it takes me like 30 minutes to do so. and then to go through my emails from president and so forth it takes time. i love you! and look forward to talking to you next week! love ya!
xoxo Sister Taylor! <3
Desiree's Baptism
 Sitting on a Moose
Splits with a wonderful Sister

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